DPV58 - Jasmine Lau - Gina - Natalia Forrest

Video Previews by clicking on the pictures

Video Previews by clicking on the pictures

Video Previews by clicking on the pictures

Picture Previews - Jasmine Lau Gina Natalia

Three totally different clips, different locations, different beauties but they all feature red dildo pants :) We know Natalia and Gina both have many fans, but a huge request for more Jasmine was a great surprise. Indoors or outdoors, the beauty of not knowing if the dildopants are being worn, is a huge turn on.

The amazing Jasmine has only appeared on the last update, but it seems this young lady has caught the love of you all. Here we have a college room encounter, which shows the actual first time that Jasmine got to use the dildo pants. Off comes her panties to be replace with a red pair of pleasure.

Been a while since our last Gina update, so lets get right to it. Gina lives so close to where we shoot, that we had many requests for the pants. Like the cheerleader dress up, this time it was supposed to be snow white. Pure and innocent, i dont think so. But its a great swap, we shoot her and she gets to borrow a pair of pants for her party. Super fit body and keen to show off putting the pants on and playing with them. One of the models that truely loves the pants.

Now many of you like to know a model is wearing the pants, not just the sexual use of them. Well we sent Natalia on a run, so we could film her and the pants being used. well watch her get dressed, then head out to stretch and jog for us. The stretching alone is amazing on this clip, such a fit young lady and the pants are truely getting a full workout. People passing by and then the reveal that she has been wearing them.

Our galleries of screen shots have been increased in number and will give a great idea of the clip content. Anyone or anything you'd like to see, let us know :)

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