DPV56 - Pixiee Little - Molly

Video Previews by clicking on the pictures

Video Previews by clicking on the pictures

Video Previews by clicking on the pictures

Picture Previews - Pixiee & Molly Pixiee Little Molly

We had arranged to work with both these models on the same day but not together. This came about thanks to lack of traffic and the willingness of two excellent models. So yes these clips were filmed at the sametime and follow the same themes, the school / college look. Our first clips with Pixiee and not our last. Molly will return soon to experience the double dildo pants :)

Lets start with the most mind blowing and sexual clip, Pixiee and Molly together. This is a 1 on 1 class, with Molly already being used to dildopants, showing Pixiee the fun they can have. Watch as the suck on, lube up and insert the dildo, using the pants as a sexual toy. All topped off as the pull them on, look innocent and walk away to the next adventure :)
Well pixiee is such a stunning lil beauty and totally rocks the naughty schoolgirl image. Her we have her borrowing a pair of pants, now would you like tonot only see pixiee at a party, but knowing she was wearing these pants. Anyway there is plenty of dildo play and the sliding the pants into place.
Molly loves these pants, you may of seen her previously and just like then its play time. Now we had a costume ready, but after seeing Pixiee as a schoolgirl, Molly wanted to play that too. Well we werent going to say no, just watch as she puts the pants through their paces :) What a woman, sexy, naughty and a pure pleasure to work with.

Roll on the summer as we have plans to move to the sunny outdoors with both these models. Hope you enjoy what was an unplanned shoot.

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