Dpv31 - Tracey goes shopping with DDP pants

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Well here's an update to show you just how sexy a young lady with Dildo pants can get. Tracey comes home to change stockings, but lets you see that the naughty minx has been wearing a pair of dildo pants, nothing different in that i guess, untill you notice that Tracey is taking 2 dildo's. Oh yes that other toy is fitting nicely into her pert ass.
So theres the stockings and posing to let you see how these pants are giving her pure pleasure
but then we go outdoors for some fun. Somewhere quiet and out the way, nope straight in a supermarket, with thoughts of getting a new dress for the rest of the shoot. Now of course you might be thinking, yeah she isnt wearing, well in to the stores toilets and a view on what shes is wearing. Walking around the store with two dildo's held in place with her pants. But it gets better, once we've had the full view in the bathroom, Tracey changes into a full latex dildo body suit with another 2 dildo's buried deep. The change of pants, dress and a walk back through the store to the carpark, simply amazing and so damn naughty.
Theres a treat in the car park, but i'm not going to say as that would spoil some of the clips, but you'll get a buzz out of it. Once back home you get to see Tracey playing with both the toys sliding deep into each of her tight looking holes. She has one of the sweetest looking pussies you'll ever see and her cute ass is to die for. This really is one of the most amazing videos i've released.

The Video is 40mins Long & is Shot in Full HD. The Video is in Encoded in 720p DivX.

The Video download isin 2 parts 826mb and 623mb AVI Files.

I've changed the gallery of pictures with this update, as image-barn is now getting over run with adverts and pop up windows and i want to keep everything user friendly.

Theres one images gallery for imagebam and the normal sample gallery that i make for the clips. Reason for imagebam is they were already there, so just using what i have.

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