Dpv30 - Chloe in see-thru Dildo Pants with an
extra messy surprise

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One amazing video with the extremely talented Chloe. Firstly we see her strip from a shiny silver cat-suit. She teases in silver and slowly starts to undress. You may have gathered i adore this young models body and positve sexy vibe. Then the clear latex dildo pant suit, with a rather large dildo in place. Never easy getting into one of these suits, but it fits her body shape so well. Next is the lubing of her tight little pussy and watching that dildo slide right in. Now for most that would be enough, but theres a request for Chloe to get a little messy. Following Chloe through the house she collects some items from the kitchen and we head to the bathroom. Ever the gentleman i let her carry it all :)
Now we have something new with the dildo pants, the art of getting messy, wam, splosh whatever you want to call it, this is perfect. The suit allows you to see all the different items cover her body in the suit. All with the dildo in place, the honey starts to fill and cover her. lots of different items, like choccy milk and various soups. Shes talking all the way, telling you how it feels and just watch the reactions. The clean up, washing all the gunge away and showing you the dildo still in place. This is a mix of the dildo pants and the messy fetishes, but which ever is your pref, you will love this clip.

The Video is 30mins Long & is Shot in Full HD. The Video is in Encoded in 720p DivX.

The Video download is1gig AVI File.

I've changed the gallery of pictures with this update, as image-barn is now getting over run with adverts and pop up windows and i want to keep everything user friendly.

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